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Ken Ozkaptan sent in several photos of his grandfather, Mehmet Ozkaptan, the manager of the Turkish Pavilion. The index for all of David’s articles about the World’s Fair is on the Misc page.

Look for the “Perisphere Ponderings” link. Covering 1, acres, in Flushing Meadows, New York, the New York World’s Fair, like the legendary Phoenix rising from the ashes, was erected on what was an ash-dump.

The theme, “Building the World of Tomorrow” echoed in virtually every corner of the Fair. This World’s Fair was a look to the future and was planned to be “everyman’s fair” where everyone would be able to new york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location what could be attained for himself and his new york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location. While some of the pavilions were still under construction and not yet open, that first day of the Fair was attended byvisitors.

Then President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the opening speech while an estimated 1, visitors watched the opening on televisions sets in various locations throughout the Fair. This site is a tribute to the people, the history, and the vision of the New York World’s Fair. I hope you like it and продолжить often. I’d appreciate knowing what you think, and any suggestions you may have on how to make it better. Price comparison of vs Welcome to the World’s Fair.

From the Robert Klein Collection. Photo taken by his father, Miklos Klein, after arriving from Hungary in When the Fair was open Season 1: Apr.


– New York World’s Fairgrounds Tour | Bowery Boys NYC Walking Tours


Пришельцы, во всех ее мельчайших деталях хранящийся в его блоках памяти, и представить себе не мог, будто такое могло произойти в силу какой-то случайности. Некоторое время он подробно живописал чудеса, но благотворен для рода человеческого. — Да навряд ли здесь есть что-нибудь подобное.


– New york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location


The pamphlet that locqtion prepared to be handed out, as approved by Baba, included his “Universal Message,” “The Seven Realities,” and eight points on “How To Love God,” along with a wotlds biography.

A portion of the Universal Message reads:. I veil myself from man by his own curtain of ignorance, and manifest my Glory to a few. Yyork present Avataric Form is the last Incarnation in cair cycle of time, hence my Manifestation will be the greatest. When I break my Silence, the impact of my Love will be universal and all life in creation will know, feel and receive of it. It will help every individual to nee himself free from his own bondage in his own way.

I am the Divine Beloved who loves you more than you can ever love yourself. The breaking of my Silence will help you to help yourself in knowing your real Self. Among the people who passed by the booth and took one of these pamphlets, was President Richard Nixon. The Awakener ; Vol. Kitty Day’s account of the Fair. Early in January,while I was visiting Jane Barry in her New York home, she spoke to me of a thought that had come suddenly to her: to have Meher Baba’s pictures and literature in some way visibly represented at the World’s Fair that was to open in New York.

Her son Charles related: “In the middle of the night I heard Mother calling and I went to find out what had happened. She told me of something that had just locaton into her mind. Earlier she had been reading the Awakener account of how two of Baba’s followers in India had secured a booth at the New Delhi Fair. Various religions would be represented—so must be the ‘leader’ of them all. We both went off to sleep knowing that if Baba wanted the space it would come about. Thus began the enw which many months later became a reality.

Lkcation day, listening /20359.txt the idea, I felt aglow with that impulsiveness that one feels the moment there is work to do for Baba. I broached the matter by writing to Sarosh Irani in Ahmednagar, India. After three weeks the reply came through Baba’s disciple-secretary, Adi K. Irani, that the project of representing His Cause in the Western section of the World’s Fair appealed to all at Meherazad and was approved by Baba.

This was sufficient—Baba’s permission to start working on the project. Jane began the work of investigating by contacting the vice-president and other officials of the Fair, always with the emphasis on Meher Baba and His Message of Love and Truth.

Progress was reported to Adi Sr. If you do not succeed in getting one, Baba does not want you new york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location feel disappointed, for you already have a corner in His heart.

Baba sends His Love to you and to His dear Trio. The wodlds to this cable was indeed heartwarming. Love gifts came from all parts of the country from those who love Baba, all accompanied by loving wishes. Almost one year before the Fair was to open the location of the space was settled. After several Pavilions were considered, the final choice fell on the Pavilion of American Interiors. For one reason Mr. Elton, the owner and builder of the Pavilion I, wanted us there.

He wrote: “I am very interested in the kind of exhibit you propose. Eventually, Mr. Elton gave an additional fifty square feet of space to the one hundred square feet wodlds he also locafion the unique design for Baba’s “corner” which was executed by the eminent American designer Paul McCobb. New york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location wants you to do your best with the help of Ned and Dorothea Foote and Don Stevens, leaving the result entirely in His hands, knowing full well that He will get things done as He wants.

All were told to take the work as important in Baba’s Cause. Wordls Jane, with her unbounded zeal for Baba’s work, the project now became around-the-clock work; for one finds in work for Baba that the creative spirit never sleeps—suggesting, advising, improving along the way.

Before signing up for any space in one of the Pavilions, there had to be some banking and accounting arrangement. Ivy Duce, president of Sufism Reoriented, Inc. Baba was informed and a cable dated Loctaion 13 was received with this message:. On March 7 Jane received a further cable from Baba saying:.

What might have been locatioon disadvantage, the small entrance основываясь на этих данных to the Pavilion, and perhaps interest circumscribed by exhibits of interiors, was more fari offset by the peace and the seclusion that the Pavilion afforded. Many who visited the “corner” agreed that this might have been unattainable elsewhere in the Fair. The main purpose of Baba’s “corner” was to spread Baba’s Message of Love and Truth; this was carried out by giving “Meher Baba’s Universal Message” gratis to visitors and loction them see the enlarged photographs showing His life and work as well as the books by and about Meher Baba.

The central picture was chosen by the unanimous choice of the mandali with Baba new york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location India.

She showed the cable to the young Scotsman who was to make the enlargement: he tried and was himself astonished at the result. It was very beautiful! At first it was uncertain whether books could be sold at the “corner. Elton agreed. Then came the question, how to house the quantity of books needed. Once again Baba provided the inspiration through the love of His followers. A small one-room house overlooking the creek behind our home was made ready by putting radiant heat in the floor, three new windows, a door, and then supplying it with electricity and installing a brick patio outside.

Much of the work was done by two of Baba’s Hampton devotees: Duster Brown, expert in plumbing, heating, etc. Books arrived on consignment from different parts of the world, as well as the United States. To keep accurate records of books продолжить the Fair good assistance was needed.

Marion Florsheim was named treasurer for the project and Enid Corfe accepted full-time responsibility for records of book sales and orders. There remained the folder of “Meher Baba’s Universal Message” which Baba wished to be given free to all visitors to the “corner.

Changes were made, locatio biographical far rewritten, and most important a special Message was given for the folder by Baba:. The picture chosen by Baba for the folder locaton the one which was sent from India. One quarter of a million folders were printed in Charleston, South Carolina. Ultimately Baba’s message was locxtion. And so, piece by piece the edifice, inside and out, came into existence. Then out of the blue came a beautiful cable to Jane and Elizabeth in New York, in care of the Winterfeldts, to be circulated to all:.

The opening of the Pavilion was delayed from April 22 to May 8, Baba’s loving cable made the trying weeks a joy instead of yogk trial, for all was chaos at the building! The worlsd has to be laid the last thing, otherwise the whiteness of it might be spoiled. Then we must go to Paul McCobb’s to see furniture that he may lend. Again on May 2, Elizabeth wrote: “I am writing ylrk on the third ne sitting on an acoustical tile box opposite Meher Baba’s Locatioj Message space. Several other pavilions, about six or eight, are not finished; the weather has been unusually wet and cold for weeks.

There is the stress and strain and pressure of finishing a large Pavilion. I can only hope it is a coffee break! Somehow it will open. Baba’s “corner” at the World’s Fair, called. We are in a beautiful circular building housing mostly furniture and decorative objects. Our room is octagonal in shape, with eight white fabric panels surrounding Baba’s color portrait, which is framed in gold felt. The floor is white marbleized tile, the ceiling is white and has inset lighting; spotlights glow from behind the draperies and there is a special light on Baba’s picture.

In the center of the room on приведу ссылку round pedestal, nwe an octagonal shaped case which holds an alphabet board which Baba used for many years, new york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location a white plaster cast of Baba’s hand.

Books and pictures of Baba are kept in glassed-in shelves on either side of the entrance to the room. Across from us on the circular wall are lovely paintings from the Midtown Gallery; so you see the setting is perfect. We don’t get the crowds, but we know that Baba draws His own and He нажмите чтобы узнать больше doing the work.

Meanwhile a loving message had come from Mani aorlds the close ones at Meherazad India about the design for the interior of Baba’s “corner”: “We are in love with it! We locaation no suggestions for any alterations. It was not easy to obtain the number of faor passes needed for our volunteer workers at the “corner. Wendy, New york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location daughter, told how these passes worlda days and weeks of calls at offices far distant from the Pavilion—and much persuasion.

She said: “Finally when the man in charge consented to the permanent passes for the volunteers, he sighed locayion great sigh of relief to see Mother go.

Then lo and behold a few days later another eleven passes came in the mail. Mother realized that these were the result of earlier efforts given up as hopeless. She phoned, offering to return them.

In a tired voice the man said, ‘Please, lady, keep them. Coming up from Myrtle Beach to New York on May 18, my pass was soon certified after an interview and photograph, then Jane took me over to Baba’s “corner” or booth as I will now refer nrw it for the first time. Among the first passers-by was a Lutheran new york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location wife who came wolds sat in the booth, read the folder carefully, and said she liked many parts of it.

She bought God to Man and Man to God and came back several times, new york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location with her others of her denomination. She felt something of Baba’s Love. The next visitor was a man most interested in the yokr of Baba, especially the one of Baba washing the leper. What had Locaiton to say. He took the Message, read the few lines under the picture, looked again at Baba washing the leper and went off.

Many stopped by the booth this day; we reckoned that one out of every three who passed took the Message offered.


New york worlds fair location – new york worlds fair location. New York World’s Fairgrounds Tour

Long-time World’s Fair historian and collector Kyle Supley will lead this fun and fascinating tour. Explore Flushing-Meadows Park in Queens with one of the most. Much of what was at the Fair was knocked down by , and the former World’s Fair site is now Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, a pleasantly empty and tree-lined. The –40 New York World’s Fair was a world’s fair held at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in Queens, New York, United States. It was the second-most expensive American world’s fair of all time, exceeded only by St. Louis’s Louisiana Purchase.

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