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The most dangerous place to live in south carolina
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If you’re looking for something more national, check out the most dangerous cities in America or the most dangerous states in America. On the surface, Orangeburg has a lot going for it. It’s nickname as “The Garden City” shows what locals like to think of their hometown. Meanwhile, the community also provides a home to multiple institutions of higher learning in South Carolina State University and Claflin University.

However, this city in the central part of the state has its less appealing side. That includes a high crime rate. In fact, Orangeburg endures the number 1 highest pace of violent crime in the state.

This includes assaults in a population of 12, Ah, Myrtle Beach, a favorite of East Coast vacationers. While Myrtle Beach’s violent crime rate has been steadily decreasing, its property crime rates remain the highest in South Carolina. Folks in Myrtle Beach had a 1 in 11 chance of having their stuff stolen or damaged over , making Broadway at the Beach one of the few places where it’s not a bad idea to wear a wallet chain.

Darlington saw a increase in property crime compared to last year, a big reason the city moved down 2 spots on this list. Darlington averaged more than one car theft per month over the year, but fortunately, none were race cars from the Darlington Raceway. Good thing, or the carjacker would be mighty hard to catch up with.

Violent crime also ranked as the second highest in South Carolina, which includes the 29th highest rate of rape cases statewide. Overall, residents had a 1 in 62 chance of being attacked over The core of the Pee Dee region in northeastern South Carolina, Florence comes in as the fourth least safe place to live. Florence recorded the eighth highest burglary rate statewide, averaging just over one break-in per day. We just hope they have enough security at the Florence County Museum to stop any would-be heisters.

Violent crime is also all too prevalent in Florence, which experienced such crimes over It’s also one of the few places listed here that’s seen a rise in both categories of crime. Located in “The Upstate” of South Carolina’s northwest, this city of 37, isn’t quite as hardcore as the Sparta of yore, but it’s still the fifth most dangerous place to live in South Carolina for The city does a good job of preserving nature at the Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve , but we’re pretty sure residents would like local leaders to preserve the safety of the human population as well.

More than one burglary a day goes down in Spartansburg on average, which gives the city the second highest burglary rate in South Carolina. And with violent crimes recorded in data year , no one will blame you for keeping your guard up in Spartansburg.

Greenwood hosts two festivals each year — Festival of Discovery and the Festival of Flowers. Those might sound like peaceful gatherings, but these festivals contribute to Greenwood’s crazy high violent crime rate, which ranks as the sixth highest worst in South Carolina.

The rate of rape cases in Greenwood is the fifth highest statewide. And you can pretty much count on at least one violent crime happening each day In Greenwood. As the third oldest city in South Carolina, you’d think Georgetown would have its act together by now. Located on the coast between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, Georgetown does get a lot of visitors passing through. We just recommend you keep a close eye on your valuables when you’re enjoying the harborwalk , or you might join the people who had their stuff stolen in Georgetown isn’t just plagued by high rates of crime.

A whole host of other issues landed the city near the top of our list of the worst places to live in South Carolina. Hartsville held onto its 8 position on our list of South Carolina’s most dangerous places for yet another year. Crime has stayed level in Hartsville, which is bad news when you’ve got the ninth highest property crime rate in the state. There are about two burglaries a week in Hartsville, which is frequent enough to give the city the seventh highest burglary rate in South Carolina.

We recommend padlocking your picnic basket if you’re out at Kalmia Gardens , because ten thefts a week go down in Hartsville. Georgetown hosts the Bridge to Bridge run. The Kaminski House has hosted many open-air concerts. Georgetown is a place where people will greet you with a friendly smile.

Long story short, I love Georgetown, it is growing and it is changing. I am going to stick around for a long time. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Skip to content South Carolina is a place of tropical beaches, gorgeous weather, and vibrant cities. Catawba Like the idea of living in a town where Lancaster Road Snacks has ranked Lancaster as one of the ten worst cities to live in South Carolina in Judson Judson is tiny. Marion Little Marion may only have a population of 6,, but its violent crime rate is comparable to a city 5 times its size.

Union Things are far from rosy in the little city of Union. Cheraw Cheraw is a small town with big-city problems. Clinton Clinton is a city that needs a very big helping hand. Batesburg-Leesville How does the thought of living in a city with an unemployment rate of 5. Bennettsville Bennettsville is a small city of 8, people that ranks as one of the poorest places to live in South Carolina.

Chester As you make your way to Charlotte, you might pass Chester. Blackville Blackville is a historic town with some very 21st-century problems. Similar Posts. Heading to South Florida? Then count yourself lucky. With its miles…. Moving, whether it is across the country, out of state, or…. Generally speaking, when people choose to sell their home, they want….

If you prefer champagne and caviar to grits and gravy, Alabama…. You can learn more about their evaluation methods here. Here are the 10 cities with the worst neighborhoods for violent crime. Of course, not ALL areas in these cities are dangerous places. But according to FBI and U. Department of Justice statistics compiled from local law enforcement agency reports and then analyzed by Neighborhood Scout, they have some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the state.

Do you think these cities deserved a spot on the most dangerous places in South Carolina list? The people are friendly, the weather is mild and warm, and the cost of living is affordable for most people. The wildlife in South Carolina is the thing that most people complain about! Columbia, SC. The data suggests there are some spots in Columbia where your chances of being the victim of a violent crime are as much as 1 in Those areas are: Belmont, St.

You can learn more about the city of Columbia on their city website. According to Neighborhood Scout, the better part of the violent crimes in Walterboro happen in the “city center. Neighborhood Scout’s algorithm puts the 8th most dangerous neighborhoods in the state in the City of Hartsville. The dangerous areas are in the vicinity of Bayview Circle and the W. Bobo Newsome Highway. According to Neighborhood Scout, your chances of becoming the victim of a violent crime in these Hartsville areas are 1 in Read more about local reviews of living in Hartsville on Niche.

The figures presented by Neighborhood Scout peg your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in some Spartanburg areas at 1 in The areas most dangerous are Duncan St.


– | The Safest and Most Dangerous Cities In South Carolina – Ranking!


The как сообщается здесь recent stats from the FBI reveal the 10 most dangerous places in the state are listed below. Numbers aside, each and every one of these cities and towns has its wonderful side, too. So keep that in mind and use the information below as a simple reminder to remain aware if you live in, or are visiting, one of the top Read on to see if your city or town found its way onto this list of cities with the highest crime rates in South Carolina….

Are you surprised by any of the cities or towns that made the list? What cities did you think больше информации have the highest crime rates in South Carolina? Share your thoughts in the comments посмотреть еще. Now, for some good news: while the above list of places with the worst crime rates in South Carolina is certainly disheartening, the Palmetto State is, by and large, a safe and wonderful place to live!

Need proof? Here are 10 of the best and safest cities to live in South Carolina. And for more state pride, these are just some of the many reasons we love South Carolina and think everyone should live here!

In addition to the cities with the highest crime rates listed above, there are some other dangerous places in South Carolina you definitely want to be aware of. This intersection is the most dangerous in the state, according to the South Carolina The most dangerous place to live in south carolina Highway Office.

In the span of one year alone, 39 accidents occurred the most dangerous place to live in south carolina the intersection, leaving 11 people injured. If this is an intersection you must cross brunch places in downtown asheville nc a regular basis, take extra care.

Another dangerous road in the Palmetto State, Highway 17 has been listed as one of the most dangerous road in the country. The highway has some absolutely gorgeous stretches, but sharp curves and the presence of wildlife, such as deer who, as we know, the most dangerous place to live in south carolina jump out in front of your car from out of nowhere! Lastly, our beaches, while beautiful, can be quite hazardous. According to the website Shark Attack Datathere were seven shark attacks in South Carolina in All were non-fatal, but occurred while beachgoers were standing or playing in the water.

One attack occurred on Myrtle Beach pictured. As with anything, arm yourself with information and knowledge when venturing out to these notoriously dangerous places in South Carolina. In recent years, Columbia’s violent crimes have skyrocketed in Columbia, South Carolina, with both violent the most dangerous place to live in south carolina property crime rates including aggravated assault and larceny on the rise. One of the most historic and beautiful places in South Carolina is, unfortunately, afflicted with high crime rates.

The violent crimes in Charleston are much higher than average, with nearly half of all instances classified as aggravated assault. Murder, rape, and larceny rates in Charleston are unfortunately quite high, too.

Over in the much smaller City of Greenwood population 23,the city saw violent crimes committed in Of those, were aggravated assault, 31 were robberies, 30 rapes were reported, and two murders occurred. Greenwood’s property crimes, however, numbered 1, with 1, of them classified as larceny theft. Within the City of Greenvillewhich falls in the middle of the Top 10, violent crimes occurred in Of them, were aggravated assault and 74 were robberies.

Greenville had 34 reported rapes and two murders in the most dangerous place to live in south carolina same year. Property crimes soared to 2, with the majority 2, of them being larcey theft. Of note is the large number of motor vehicle thefts in Greenville in The population was reported in the FBI stats as 69, Over in Sumter County, the county seat of Sumter population 39, saw violent crimes in — averaging slightly more than one per day.

Of those, were aggravated assault; 53 were robberies, 12 were rapes, and there were four murders. Property crimes far outnumbered the violent crimes with a total of 1, A large number of them 1, were classified as larceny theft; however, 86 motor vehicle thefts are on record as well as one case of arson. Google Maps [streetview]. The City of Florence falls in line very closely behind Sumter. With a similar population 37,Florence saw violent crimes inaccording to the FBI statistics.

The majority of them were aggravated assault but there were 18 cases of rape, 72 robberies, and eight murders. Property crimes far outnumbered the violent crimes, though. With 2, reported, 1, were classified as larceny theft, nine were arson, robberies are on record, and a large number of motor vehicle посмотреть еще occurred: With neighboring Columbia ranked at number two based on the FBI’s statistics, West Columbia population 17, falls into the ranking at number eight on the list.

InWest Columbia saw violent crimes, of which were aggravated assault and 35 were robberies. Additionally, there were three murders in the year as well as 30 reported cases of rape.

At the same time, 1, cases of property crime were recorded including 1, larceny thefts, motor vehicle thefts, robberies, and five cases of arson. South Carolina’s friendly Flowertown ranks number nine on the list with cases of violent crime on record for Of those, 94 were aggravated assault and 19 were robberies.

A total of 25 rapes were reported and two murders took place. Within that same year, property crimes in Summerville reached 1, Of them, 1, were larceny theft, were robberies, 86 were motor vehicle thefts, and there were eight cases of arson. Mount Pleasantpopulation 89, saw no murders inso that’s great news.

But the town still encountered violent crimes including aggravated assaults, 10 reported rapes, and 15 robberies. Property crimes were high, though, at a total of 1, Of them, 1, were larceny thefts, while were robberies. The town saw a large number of motor vehicle thefts, at 93 for the year. A lone case of arson is on record in Mount Pleasant for What are some other dangerous places in South Carolina?

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The most dangerous place to live in south carolina


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