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What is texas public education grant
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What is texas public education grant


No, but districts must follow the same policies they follow for evaluating non-PEG transfer requests. For example, they may restrict transfers by using a first-come-first-serve system and may deny further requests for lack of space.

Interdistrict between districts — These may be rejected or accepted by the district receiving the transfer request based on existing district policy. Intradistrict within district — These requests may also be rejected or accepted based on existing district policy, although no additional funding is allotted for this type of transfer.

My daughter attends a very low-performing campus that is now on the PEG List. I would like to transfer her to a high-performing campus in another district. They have rejected her transfer even though other students have been allowed to transfer under PEG. Is this legal? No, districts may not discriminate based on a student’s academic performance. Can a district refuse to accept a transfer because they do not wish to incur the additional special education expenses for that student?

No, a district cannot discriminate based on special education needs. Can a district accept PEG transfers only for the children of staff? My child attends a campus in a district that was labeled Not Rated: Senate Bill in The campus was rated C. Can I still request a PEG transfer? No, only campuses that received an overall scaled score less than 60 are on the —24 PEG List. District ratings are not considered. Does the ability to transfer last the duration of the —24 school year?

Yes, parents may request a transfer under the PEG program any time during the —24 school year. Can students transfer before the beginning of the upcoming school year? If a student is enrolled in a campus on the —24 PEG List , they may initiate a PEG transfer anytime during the —24 school year. Transfer requests should follow local transfer timelines.

What happens to students who transferred to a district under the PEG program, and in a subsequent year the campus they attend becomes a PEG-listed campus?

Do they remain eligible to stay at the campus? Is funding sustained? Do the PEG-transferred students get the same notification as all other enrolled students? The conditions of their original transfer are no longer in effect. They may still request to transfer during —24 but only as a non-PEG transfer. The receiving district can no longer receive PEG funding for transfers to a campus that has become a PEG-listed campus. Please explain continued student eligibility in cases where a campus is no longer PEG-listed or the student’s attendance zone changes.

Student eligibility expires upon either of two conditions:. A receiving district is permitted to continue to treat a student as PEG eligible after expiration of eligibility only if the student has not yet completed all grades on the campus to which the student transferred during the eligibility period. In the case of larger districts with multiple campuses that are not on the PEG List, can students request a transfer to another campus that is within the district?

Are districts required to allow intradistrict transfers? Districts must follow the same policies they follow in allowing any transfer requests. For example, they may deny a request because of lack of space. Athletic Eligibility. If a student transfers under the PEG program, is their athletic eligibility affected?

Page 9 addresses PEG transfers. Are districts responsible for providing transportation for students if they transfer to a campus in another district? No, districts are not required to provide transportation for students who transfer to another district under the PEG program. The school district in which a student resides shall provide each student attending a school in another district under this subchapter transportation free of charge to and from the school the student would otherwise attend TEC In other words, neither the residing nor receiving district is required to provide transportation to the new campus.

District Responsibilities. Is there an overview of district responsibilities? Correspondence to superintendents was sent via email on August 18, to superintendents of districts with at least one campus on the PEG List. The letter addresses district responsibilities. Districts are instructed to provide a clear, concise explanation of PEG when they notify parents.

Can TEA provide such an explanation or provide a sample letter that could be used to send to parents? The campus is expected to write its own letter addressing its specific situation.

In writing this letter, it is recommended that local administrators. The TEA letter instructs districts to inform parents how to obtain a transfer. What should be said? The letter should clearly state that parents must contact the destination district and submit a written transfer request.

The letter they have received from the home district or the PEG List provides adequate justification for the transfer request. Do we need to send letters to parents of fifth graders?

Our campus is K—5, and these kids will be gone next year. Yes, according to statute, districts are required to send the notice to all students. There is a possibility that some fifth graders will be retained and attend the campus again. Such retained students are eligible for transfers under PEG guidelines. However, only students who would otherwise attend the K—5 campus in —24 are eligible for PEG transfers from that campus.

Must we notify the parents of incoming freshmen for a high school that is identified on the list? Or, similarly, must we notify the parents of incoming kindergarten students for an elementary school that is identified on the list?

No, while those students also have the right to request a transfer, statute specifies that notification by February 1 of each year to parents of students currently assigned to the PEG-listed campus is sufficient.

If a student moves into a PEG-listed campus after the notification has been sent out, must the campus provide them notification? Notification is not required beyond the February 1 deadline specified in statute; however, all students who would be attending a PEG-listed campus during the —24 school year must be given the opportunity to transfer if they wish.

Do districts need to contact other districts to let them know they have a PEG-listed campus? Are districts obligated to prepare the application for a transfer on behalf of the parent? No, the student’s parent or guardian needs to apply for the transfer. Is there an appeals process? If a district is working with the agency to remove a campus from the list, does the notification letter to parents still need to be sent by February 1?

Yes, because the outcome of the correspondence is unknown, districts must comply with statute by notifying parents of the campus’ status as of February 1. If a campus is on the PEG List but will be closed for —24, is there still a requirement to send PEG notification letters to the current students?

No, if a campus listed on the —24 PEG List will be closed for the —24 school year, districts are not required to send notification letters to the students currently attending the campus. However, students reassigned to an existing campus that is on the —24 PEG List should receive notification letters. We changed our grade configuration completely, from middle school to elementary school, but kept the same campus number.

We will send the required PEG notification to the parents of this new elementary. Can parents request a transfer from this elementary to another elementary, even though it was performance at the middle school that put us on the PEG List?

Yes, if the campus identification number remains the same, the new campus will still be on the PEG List , regardless of the changed grade span. Parents can request to transfer to a campus with the same grade as the PEG-listed campus. Parents can also request to transfer to a similar campus outside the district. Do PEG-listed campuses have other special requirements they must meet to get off the list, such as more highly trained teachers or a smaller teacher-student ratio?

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Public Education Grant | Texas Education Agency.

This program is administered by the university. Limited grant funding from the TPEG program is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students. This grant provides assistance to students with financial need. Applicants must: Be Texas residents, non-residents or foreign students – Show financial. The Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) is a program administered by the State of Texas to provide assistance to students with financial need, seeking a first.

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