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How many deer can you harvest in ny
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The agency projected a harvest of 52,, including 28, white-tailed bucks and 6, mule deer bucks.


Deer Friendly – New York.


Good to know, I just started seriously hunting this year and have killed one so far I doubt I’ll kill three more lol. Here is PA, you’re allowed one antlered deer per year. So whether you get your buck in early bow season, during rifle season, or late muzzleloader season, that’s it.

After that first week they’re available to state residents, they go available to out of state sales and they usually sell out in no time. If the WMU you hunt still has leftover doe tags after the out of state people get their two weeks to apply, residents can apply for a second one. It astonishes me to hear about how you guys are allowed to kill all these deer in your states, but I’m guessing it’s because there are far less hunters to deer in your states.

They estimate that in Pennsylvania on the opening day of deer season, there are k-1M hunters in the woods. I believe it’s 1 buck and 4 does per person a season in Kansas. Most I’ve taken was 3, and that was the same day.

Normally take 1 or 2 and call it good. I have not been hunting in quite a few years. However, I don’t think my wife and I could possibly eat more than one deer in a year, so I wouldn’t shoot more than that. Then we get up to 4 doe tags per wmu some will give you all 4 and some you get none. Where I live I usually can get 4 this year was the first time in my 18 years of hunting I’ve ever seen my county run out of doe tags.

Got my buck opening day of gun and then a button buck on thanksgiving pushing but so did 4 other guys shoot the same deer.

That was it for my deer season the last day is today the 17th last day of muzzle loader which wraps up our deer season. I personally like like to get at least 2 normally but like I said I’ve lost my passion for it I’ve swapped my venison space in the freezer with ducks and some coyote hides. It depends on what state your in. Each state can be different. Some states also allow “party hunting” which is defined as having a group of 2 or more hunters in relative proximity filling each other’s tags.

So even if one of those hunters has already filled their tag, they can still hunt with another hunter who still has one and shoot another deer that the other hunter can tag.

Some hunters are in it for the venison, some are trophy hunters. Some are both. Generally the best way to manage a deer herd is to shoot big bucks and antlerless deer, while allowing smaller bucks to walk.

I don’t see any reason to harvest more than 1 or 2 deer if your in it for the meat. Two whole deer is a lot of venison. But some areas are very over run with deer so there’s no limit. We only shoot what we will eat usually 1 or 2. Sometimes we’ll get one for someone else who wants the meat. Well I ran out of time and the bucks on our property just wouldn’t cooperate. This doe comes in at least once a day, so I ended up just taking her so I can have my summer sausage and snack sticks.

It was still a great feeling harvesting a deer off my own property, something I never imagined I’d be able to do. This a pic although not good of my son and a deer he shot this past week on some public land accessible only by kayak. I try to take 2 a year, a buck and a doe. Alabama allows basically as many does as you want and 3 bucks a year. I been pacing myself. Last week or 2 of January is our best hunting and they’ve extended the season to Feb 10 this year.

We get 6 tags statewide,, with no more than 3 in certain counties, 2 in others and 1 in others. Out of the six tags per year you are allowed 1 Buck per year regardless of weapon.

So I usually take one Buck,, if I am lucky enough to find a ” or larger,, if not all 6 will be doe’s. If she’s running right, my combine can harvest about 10 deer an acre. I start out bow hunting for a mature buck but by the time late season rolls around Dec Jan.

So I guess at least one doe. Shot my first buck in like 3 years this year. If you own farm land, you can get what are called deprivation tags and harvest a ton of deer, but a situation like the OP’s seems extreme On a good year I will only get , and I won’t ever see them.

Statewide over the past 5 years There is not an option of buying one tag. Permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.

You must have a current New Hampshire hunting or archery license to apply. The states with the most antlered deer killed per square mile were Michigan, 3. Resident of NH Landowners: Resident landowners hunting on their own land do not need to purchase the basic firearm license they cannot hunt off their property without a license. However, they must purchase any other licenses such as archery, muzzleloader, turkey, etc.

These herds are obviously very different, and they will provide extremely different hunting opportunities. Again, trail-camera surveys are a great technique for estimating the number and age classes of bucks on a property.

You can then select the age classes to harvest and calculate your prescription. This helps you establish realistic expectations for a property and goes a long way toward keeping the program fun and rewarding. I must stress this is only a ballpark estimate, and it can range widely based on habitat quality and location. I have helped manage lands where this number of bucks was difficult to reach and others with twice that harvest rate.

Doubtful about your initial prescription? Harvesting the Right Number of Deer. Help us continue producing great, educational content by joining the National Deer Association or making a tax-deductible donation. You worked hard to prepare that fall food plot, from filling the first soil-sample baggie to the final roll of the cultipacker, leaking drops of sweat onto the Earth the whole way. Now a green….


New Holiday Deer Hunt is set for Dec. 26 to Jan. 1 in Southern Zone – Related Posts

Private Land Permission – Signed written consent of the landowner on official forms for current season must be carried while hunting.

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