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Can you feed deer in south carolina – can you feed deer in south carolina
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Therefore, baiting for deer is no longer prohibited on private land anywhere in South Carolina. Baiting or hunting over bait remains prohibited on WMA’s. You can no longer use natural deer baits in South Carolina. Changes in deer bait regulations are in effect for the deer season and.

– SCDNR – Wildlife Information


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– Can you feed deer in south carolina – can you feed deer in south carolina


You can order the tags via internet. Simply follow the instructions as if you where purchasing a hunting license and there will be an option near the end to purchase Individual Antlerless Deer Tags.

Vehicle accidents involving deer: Vehicle-deer accidents should be reported to the SC Department of Transportation. To report a vehicle collision for insurance purposes call the highway patrol or your local city or county law enforcement. Badly injured deer should be euthanized by law enforcement officials that respond to the accident.

However, if the animal is obstructing traffic or along a public highway, you may contact your local Department of Public Works to have the animal removed. If the deer is freshly killed, it can be given to a charitable institution or kept by the finder as long as there is an incident report from the law enforcement officials that responded to the accident.

When a fawn appears to be orphaned, it should be left alone. It is quite natural for a doe to leave her fawn alone for the first few weeks of life. Once a fawn has been handled or disturbed by a human, the doe may abandon it.

If you know the mother is dead, you may call the SCDNR Columbia office at or in Charleston call to locate the nearest veterinarian or rehabilitator. Deer don’t make good pets, so don’t adopt a “lost” fawn. Box , Columbia, SC or call You may also contact your local Clemson Extension Service or farm and hardware stores for recommendations on preventing deer damage to agricultural areas or property. Electric Fences: Fencing deer out is the most effective means of control. Electric fences are less expensive to construct than permanent conventional fences of wire, wood or brick, but require more upkeep and a power source.

Depredation Permit: You may also apply for a depredation permit, which would grant permission to take deer that are causing damage out of season. See Depredation Permit in the License-Permit section. Antler scoring sessions as part of the State Deer Records Program are conducted each year during March at many locations throughout the state. Antlers may also be scored by appointment with a local wildlife biologist. Current deer antler records.

If I use feeders year round on my property to help the deer herd, can I hunt turkey or dove near these feeders? No, turkey, dove, and waterfowl may not be hunted where they are lured by bait grain or food stuffs.

The lure and attraction of any bait is a determination made with varying circumstances. The safest route would be to cut off all feeders and remove all bait 2 to 3 weeks before hunting turkey, dove, or waterfowl. Annually, the Statewide Deer Project conducts a licensee based hunter survey to get deer harvest statistics for the state. Harvest results are published to the web in the Adobe PDF file format, news releases and as an annual report. On WMA lands, man drives for deer are permitted between a.

A man drive is defined as an organized hunting technique involving two 2 or more individuals whereby an attempt is made to drive game animals from cover or habitat for the purpose of shooting, killing, or moving such animals toward other hunters. On WMA lands, drivers participating in man drives are prohibited from carrying or using weapons. This regulation does not apply to private lands.

After taking a legal deer and dressing it, what can I do with the remains? All hunt clubs should have a pit to bury deer remains and all hunters should have a plan to dispose of deer remains before they hunt deer. Depending on their type of permitting, some landfills will take animals carcasses.

Litter laws apply to deer remains and throwing remains in a creek may violate even more serious laws. Proper disposal of deer remains is vital to the interests of all sportsmen. Non-hunters may become anti-hunters by seeing a fly covered deer hide at a dumpster or by seeing a head and hide thrown on the side of the road. Proper disposal of deer remains is a rule of good hunter ethics. Is it legal to carry a firearm and bow during the regular gun season? Yes, you may carry a firearm and bow during the regular gun season statewide on private and WMA land.

State laws and regulations prohibit the hunting of deer with. There are no caliber restrictions on private land. However, a. Use only a weapon that allows the animal to be cleanly harvested.

Generally speaking, a. Generally, the last two weeks of October through the first two weeks of November, although breeding activity may be seen at almost any time of the fall and winter. For more information, contact Deer Project, P. State Law prohibits the sale of the following deer parts in SC; any live deer, venison of any deer except as provided in , any white-tailed deer gamets egg and sperm and antler velvet, or any white-tailed deer antlers attached to the pedicel.

Section allows permitted restaurants to sell exotic farm raised venison as a menu item. On the other hand, deer parts not listed may be bought and sold. This would include deer hides, antlers that have been shed or removed from the pedicel, etc. How do I find out about or apply for Wildlife Management Area lottery hunts? Box , Columbia, SC , or call , or visit your local license agent. If Deer Quota Program tags have been issued for the property I hunt on can I use my personal tags too?

No, if the property you hunt on has been issued Deer Quota Program tags for antlered bucks, antlerless deer, or both you can not use your personal tags for the type of deer for which tags have been issued. Most properties only receive a quota for antlerless deer so you can not use your personal antlerless tags on the property. However, if the property does not have antlered buck tags you would have to use your personal antlered buck tags because all harvested deer must be tagged.

If the property has quota program tags for antlered bucks and antlerless deer then you could not use your personal buck tags or doe tags on the property. Basically it is one way or the other. If a property has been issued tags for antlered bucks, antlerless deer, or both then you can not use your personal tags for the type of deer antlered or antlerless that quota program tags have been issued for.

Also, remember that quota program tags can only be used on the property for which they were issued, they are not valid on any other property. What if my vehicle hits a deer? What if I find an orphaned fawn?

Deer are eating my plants, what can I do? Where are the deer antler records? Can I hunt deer with a caliber rimfire rifle? What is the peak deer “rut” in South Carolina? Is it legal to sell or buy venison in South Carolina?

How do I find out about or apply for Wildlife Management Area drawn hunts? How can I get individual antlerless deer tags? Repellents: Chemical deer repellents are best suited for gardens and ornamentals.

It is unlawful to bait or hunt over bait on all WMA’s statewide. Can I hunt deer with a.


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