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Are there bears in coastal south carolina
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The second bear population is located in the northern coastal plain centered in the Lewis Ocean Bay and Carvers Bay areas of Horry and Georgetown Counties. Based on limited DNA . Jan 25,  · South Carolina has two populations of black bears. One is located in the mountains and the other is found in the coastal plains. While everyone knows the dangers of . Jun 28,  · Bears are rare in coastal South Carolina, but a dead one was found on Highway 17 in the town of Awendaw, about 35 miles northeast of uptown Charleston.

Are there bears in coastal south carolina. Wildlife – Species


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– Are there bears in coastal south carolina

However, black bears are adaptable.


Black Bears – Columbia Metropolitan Magazine


If you are seeing this, then your internet browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer and you are running in Compatibility mode. You will not be able to view the application with this browser and these settings.

Please remove “SC. GOV” from your compatibility view listings using your settings in the Internet Explorer options. With the onset of spring, black bears are emerging from dens. During this time, bears are looking for easy food located in the coastal plains and piedmont areas of South Carolina. The S. Department of Natural Resources SCDNR wants to remind South Carolinians to secure food attractants such as garbage, bird feeders, and pet food to prevent bears from stopping by.

The most common human-bear conflicts involve unsecured food attractants. The mere presence of a black bear does not necessarily represent a problem. Most bears are just passing through, but if there is an easy meal to be found, they will take advantage of it.

The key to dealing with wandering bears is not giving them a reason to hang around. Removing any food source that would attract bears will significantly reduce any bear issues in residential areas. While people may be excited about seeing a bear, we want you to remember that bears are wild animals and should be respected.

Black bears are usually shy, evasive, and non-aggressive toward people. People and black bears can live in the same area with little conflict by following basic rules. If you see a black bear, you can report it.

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